About Me

I am a photographer and videographer who is intrigued with the performance, movement and live theater communities. I love collaborating with various people and organizations to create amazing work that best represents the featured subject. My passion for live performance stems in part from on-going projects that promote collaboration between many artistic mediums. In 2008 dancer/photographer MSmith and I founded a dance photography magazine called On Center, which quickly gained a following of like-minded dancers, photographers and other artists who are eager to collaborate and share their work. 2009 brought about a major undertaking when Fabrice Calmels and I started 30 Seconds of Dance, a website where we post short dance clips from artists of all disciplines in HD, high quality videos. The project has let us collaborate with world-renowned dancers from around the globe, and it continues to be a source for inspiration and education to the many who visit this website. Past From 2003 to late-2008 I was the Graphics Production Manager and 2nd In-house Photographer for The Joffrey Ballet. During that time as Graphic Production Manager I was in charge of producing most of the printed design materials including brochures, postcards, outdoor banners, bus advertisements, invitations, inserts, etc. Fabricating the myriad of pieces taught me how to produce quality materials, under pressure, with tight deadlines. As one of the in-house Photographers I was tasked with photographing various performances, events and rehearsals. Most of my training in dance photography came from Herbert Migdoll, long-time dance photographer and former art director at Dance Magazine. He taught me about the importance of the collaboration between the dancer, choreographer, musicians and photographer that occurs in the pursuit of that singular dance photo. Herb also taught me the importance of timing when shooting dance, especially for ballet, so that the artist's line and shape they make in space is captured in the most precise and beautiful way possible, an exercise that has proven difficult to master for sure. Way Back I have been very creatively active since I was a child, but technically I would have to say that the world opened up for me artistically when I arrived at Barnstable High School, a public school in Hyannis, MA in 1994. This high school had an exemplary arts program, offering multiple levels of fine art classes, graphic design, animation, pottery, and a highly advanced music and drama department. While sometimes struggling through the basics of english, math, science and general high-school angst, I found that most of my basic needs could be expressed in the visual arts. With the help of my teachers and mentors I was able to become accepted at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1997. Studying the fine arts in college was very challenging, and I began to see that while my skills at drawing and painting could be developed more, my technical abilities would not be able to convey what my mind wanted them to express. I turned to classes such as graphic design, visual communication, printmaking, art and technology, and various performance art. I wound up becoming immersed in internet technologies, and also working for a small web design firm in the process. When the company closed in 2001 I took up teaching the technologies I had learned to others as well as working freelance. My teaching experiences were incredibly rewarding and brought me full circle to a new found respect and admiration for the teachers and professors who had shaped me socially and creatively. I remain committed to growth, and look forward to new paths and collaborations. Want to collaborate? Contact me anytime. resume: Download my resume in PDF